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Lady_jinx's Biography

~PLEASE READ BIO~?????? Hi ?‍♀️ everyone?! My name is lady jinx and I am 18 year old Irish girl who had joined onlyfans~?! I love to express my body through lewd exciting pictures and videos and but to also make other people happy! On my only fans you will see. - I am a switch so you would see various submissive and dominant content. - 18+ images -18+ videos - private requests and contact in private messages. Role play/ cosplay-18+( hopefully ?) Kink requests?!( if you pm we can negotiate on what kink you have and what I am comfortable with doing?) WHAT YOU WILL NOT SEE- - masturbation videos -torture or extreme pain( I am not a fan of extreme force or self harm for pleasure so please do not ask for this.) - I will not take 18+ pictures outside or 18+ videos And, that’s all!!! I hope you have a wonderful time here at my onlyfans and please enjoy the content I make.

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