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Your regular nerdy guy that is pretty fit with a very fat cock and huge loads. I am a native french speaker. I will post pictures thrice a week and while I will also be posting a video a week. Might make 3 or 4 posts a week, including the video. Those won't be behind a PPV. There will be post behind PPV, which the price will vary depending on what it is. Examples of what it could be are: collaborations, bundles of short videos and/or pictures. I also do custom and I might accept a request, for the former see the menu for the prices. As for the latter, I see it more as a subjection, a way to propose idea for sets. I do have two rules that I ask you to respect: I will post regularly, as I mentioned, but since I am a student and my grad school remains my #1 priority. It might still take me some time to get to your messages. Tip will definitely draw my attention. I appreciate your help to pay my tuitions. My privacy is important, that being said I won't show my face. Ever. Enjoy!

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